Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random fun the past few months

We went to an easter egg hunt and B hated the easter bunny haha but of course loved getting eggs :)

Park time with friends and family! We are at the park at least once  a week with friends of cousins :)

My stepdad had a convention at the Cosmopolitan so we took a room key and went and hung by the pool all 3 days he was down there! It was a great pool for little kids and of course our little fishy loved it! Brysen is just like me when I was little and loves the water so much and he is fearless it is scary but he always has a very close eye and hand on him :) My friend Ericka and her girls came with us a few times and my other friend ciera and her daughter came one day and hung with us it was a blast :) 

More park time with his cute cousin Luke :)

Haircuts, his hair grows SO fast just like mommy and daddy's

Of course we also always swim at my moms, on memorial day brysen swam for over 4 hours and got tired towards the end, he is such a fish and would swim all day everyday if i let him :)

Puddle Jumper is the best invention ever, especially for this crazy man cause we don't have to hold onto him every sec cause he loves to go under :)

So this has been our life over the past months that have passed! I am sure I have missed things but this is most of it! We try to keep busy and do fun stuff with the little man! I really need to try and be better about updating this blog so we can look back and remember all of the fun times :)

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